About Us

Meet DS Now –

  • DS Now which is short for 'Drop-Ship Now' is a Singapore based drop-shipping and distribution company, offering e-commerce drop-ship supply-chain solutions to Singapore sellers who wish to create another stream of income, by committing to helping our community quickly and easily launch their online business.


Why DS Now? –

  • DS Now comprises of a group of e-commerce specialists that started drop-shipping approximately 10 years ago when there wasn’t much resources, platforms and tools around. All we had back then was AliExpress, Carousell and social media for selling, but times have change – So have the difficulties in drop-shipping.
  • Platform these days requires you to have a very tight registered shipping time-line (2 days for most platforms), which makes it virtually impossible to do the traditional drop-shipping methods (where you source items from AliExpress and ship it to your client taking weeks to months to arrive at their doorstep). This is where DS Now comes in play - we solve this issue by curating the best sellers across all the local platforms, providing capital, storage (with local ready-stock) and supply-chain capabilities for you!
  • With DS Now as your local drop-shipping supplier, we take over all potential pitfalls for you in starting an e-commerce business (logistics capabilities, storage space, or even start up capital)! You only pay us when you sell something to your customers, and we’ll take care of the rest!