Frequently Asked Questions

DS Now

Q: Who are we?

  • DS Now, which is short for 'Drop-Ship Now' is a Singapore based drop-shipping and distribution company that is legally registered with ACRA Singapore under the entity name of DSNOW GROUP PTE. LTD.
  • We comprise of a group of e-commerce specialists that started drop-shipping approximately 10 years ago when there wasn’t much resources, platforms and tools around. All we had back then was AliExpress, Carousell and social media for selling, but times have change – So have the difficulties in drop-shipping.

Q: How much is DS Now services?

  • We offer products at wholesale pricing with a mere monthly subscription fee of S$19.90.

This subscription fee may be easily covered with a single order from your drop-shipping business.

Q: Why should I drop-ship with DS Now?

  • We offer e-commerce drop-ship supply-chain solutions to Singapore sellers who wish to create another stream of income by committing to helping our community quickly and easily launch their online business.
  • Platform these days requires you to have a very tight registered shipping time-line (2 days for most platforms), which makes it virtually impossible to do the traditional drop-shipping methods (where you source items from AliExpress and ship it to your client taking weeks to months to arrive at their doorstep). This is where DS Now comes in play. We solve this issue by curating the best sellers across all the local platforms, providing capital, storage with local ready-stock and supply-chain capabilities for you! 
  • You only pay us when you sell something to your customers, and we'll worry bout everything else down to the bubble wrapping and printing to AirWay Bills.

    Q: What countries can DS Now fulfil orders to?

    • DS Now is a Singapore based supplier for drop-shippers and therefore, can only fulfil orders within Singapore. 

    Q: Who should I contact if I'm encountering issues?

    • Email us at info@dsnow.sg
    • Contact us at 9072 4077 (Click the button on the bottom left).


          What is Drop-shipping?

          • Drop shipping is a zero-risk business model with which you directly ship a product from a supplier’s warehouse and directly to a customer’s house without dealing with the logistics or handling the product physically.
          • As a drop-shipper, you’re only left to focus on the core aspects of managing your business as the supplier handles the rest.
          • In this business model, the retailer or drop-shipper doesn’t produce or keep products in stock. Instead, they partner with the wholesale supplier (DS Now), who in turn produces and ships it directly to the drop-shipper’s clients.


          Getting Started With E-commerce

          Q: Where should I sell the products on? 

          Q: How much should I sell my products for?

          Please see the original strike off price of DS Now products as a reference (However, your selling price is entirely up to you). This recommended price can be found in the products page with every product. You can also do your own research on different platforms to get an idea.

          Q: How do I get sales?

          • There are many online marketing information readily available online such as YouTube, InstagramFacebook and TikTok. We strongly encourage that you master online marketing ASAP as it will assist in moving your products quicker.

          Q: What is a AirWay Bill?

          • Every time an order is made on e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee or Qoo10, the platform provides you with a piece of document (AirWay Bill) with customer's personal details such as name, phone number and address along with the details of items purchased. (Click on the platform link above for a guide on how to download an AirWay Bill)
          • This AirWay Bill comes with a unique QR code which also covers shipping to the customer.
          • Take note that not all platforms provide AirWay Bills. These includes Facebook marketplace, Instagram and Amazon.

          Q: What is the warranty period? 

          • For branded items, the warranty period is 1 year. For non-branded categories such as electronics & baking supplies, the warranty is 7 days upon receiving to test the item.

          Q: What is the targeted profit margin?

          • For branded items, the profit margin is usually around 10% - 20% as the price is higher. For non-branded items, the margin is usually around 50% - 100%. 

          Products FAQs

          Q: How do I list the products on my accounts?

          • After signing up an account with the preferred platform choice of yours, you can download the images, descriptions from our products page and start making your sale!

          Q: Customers are asking questions about products, what should I do? 

          • You should be able to find the item details on the product page.

          Q: Can I do a return and refund or 1-1 exchange if products are faulty?

          • We only offer return and refund 14 days from shipment date. Please contact us via email/WhatsApp for return address. Please note that drop-shipper bears the full shipping cost of returning the item. 
          • We do not do 1-1 as this would incur more shipping cost on the drop-shipper especially those using AirWay Bills (mailing back to DS Now and mailing out new product).

          Q: What shipping courier should I use?

          • After testing multiple couriers, we found that NinjaVan is the most stable at this point of time. We would recommend that you use NinjaVan as the sole shipping provider 

          Q: Customers are asking questions about products, what should I do?

          • Please contact our friendly customer service agents via WhatsApp at 9072 4077 and they'll advise you accordingly

          Q: What is the weight and size of the products? 

          • All e-commerce platforms has it's integrated shipping couriers like NinjaVan / SpeedPost, and fees is calculated according to the parcel received. There is no need to provide accurate weight & size detail hence you can just input 0.5KG & 5x5x5cm for all items

          Getting started as a DS Now drop-shipper

          Q: How can I start drop-shipping with DSnow?

          • Sign up an account with us and register on our membership plan (S$19.90/month), you'll be able to start selling right away! 

          Q: How do I make payment?

          • You can choose to make payment for your order on our website or via PayNow (Email us alongside your customer order details).

          Q: Can I self collect the products? 

          • Yes, please contact us on WhatsApp to arrange for self collection.

          Q: What should I do after receiving an order?

          Congrats! After getting an order, you may proceed to WhatsApp or email us.

          • For Email - Email us at info@dsnow.sg with your customer details (Full Name, Contact, Address) and orders or AirWay Bill along with your login username as the email subject for verification purposes.
          • For WhatsApp - WhatsApp us 9072 4077 with your customer's details (Full Name, Contact, Address) and orders or AirWay Bill along with your login username for verification purposes.

          We'll ship your products out within two working days.





          Q: Why are there different shipping fees?

          • Drop-shippers who use e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee and Qoo10 would be provided a waybill from those platforms which already covers their shipping cost. However, drop-shippers who uses non e-commerce sites such as Instagram, Facebook market or even Amazon would need to cover their own shipping cost here.

          Q: What should I do if I am selling on a platform that does not provide waybill but have more than one location to send to?

          • We charge a minimal of $3.90 (SingPost rates) per location for registered shipping. If you have more than one location to send to, please separate your orders by making multiple transactions / checkouts. 

          Q: What should I do if customer does not receive item?

          • Orders with waybill - Please contact your platform shipping provider with your tracking number.
          • Orders without waybill - DS Now only uses registered shipping to send out your orders. A tracking number should have been sent to you once orders are shipped out, please contact the shipping provider with said tracking number.