How to start drop-shipping with DS Now?

Sign Up

  1. Create an account with DSnow.
  2. An email will be sent to you for verification (Check spam or junk mailbox)
  3. Sign up for a three days free trial account and S$19.90/month DSnow membership after, to enjoy products at wholesale pricing.
  4. Go to our product page to download images & descriptions for items that you'd like to sell on your e-commerce/social accounts or even your physical store! (Access to products will only be available after account is created.)
  5. Get your orders! 
    Trust us, the moment you sell or buy 1-2 products, you’d have already covered your membership cost.

      List Your Products

      • Sign up or use your existing e-commerce (Shopee, Lazada, Amazon, Qoo10, Carousell), social media (Facebook marketplace, Instagram, etc) accounts for selling – go to our products page to download the materials and product description (it will be available after signing up for a member account). Remember to be creative for your listings to stand out!

      Start Selling

      • You sell products to your customers with your platform store, independent website, offline store or other marketplace.

      Forward Your Orders

      Congrats! After getting an order, you may proceed to purchase the specific item(s) on our website, then WhatsApp or email us the following points -

      • For e-commerce site orders - Email ( or WhatsApp (9072 4077) us with your order ID/details and AirWay Bill (refer to FAQ on what is an AirWay Bill) along with your login username as the email subject for verification purposes.

      • For offline orders (social media, carousell, etc) - Email ( or WhatsApp (9072 4077) us with your order details and customer's details (Full Name, Contact, Address) along with your login username as the email subject for verification purposes. 

      We'll ship your products out within two working days.


      Sounds too good to be true?

      Here are some pros and cons:


      • Zero chances of Losing Your Capital: You can’t lose your capital with dropshipping because you’re not keeping extra inventories.

      • Zero start-up cost: As you do not need to buy or hold inventory, hence there’s no cost needed to start your drop-shipping business!

      • You can increase your revenue through up selling: There’s always room to sell one more item when drop-shipping. The more items you sell, the more money you make.

      • Everything is digital: You can operate straight from your bedroom, without leaving the house to get anything done.

      • No need for Storage: You’re not keeping an extra inventory, so there's no need to operate a physical store.


      • Drop-shipping is easy. Which means competition is stiff. You have to be really creative with the strategies that you employ. We strongly encourage that you pick up some online marketing skills.

      • It might take a while before profits start to come in. You have to market and wait for customers to notice your products before you can start seeing sales.